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Dr. Deva Kusuluri

Hello, I am Dr. Deva Kusuluri, the founder and CEO of Gena HealthX. I left my career as a scientist at one of Switzerland's leading institution to launch Gena HealthX. For more than a decade, I have lived in Europe, including United Kingdom, Germany and Switzerland from where I gained cutting-edge research experience. I have acquired extensive expertise in molecular biology, genomics and bioinformatics working as a scientist in renowned institutions like University of Geneva, Johannes Gutenberg University and Glasgow Caledonian University. This has provided me a deep understanding of how genetics and biochemical factors influence health outcomes.

I was born and bought up in India. Due to inadequate implementation of evidence-based scientific practices, a significant portion of Indian population is grappling with chronic illnesses. Driven by the passion...

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Our Team

Pillars of Excellence, Our Team Stands Tall

Dr. Sarita Patnaik

Dr. Sarita Patnaik

Chief Scientific Officer

(Ph.D. Molecular Medicine)

Holding a PhD in Molecular Medicine, my career spans 15 years in genetics, cancer, and inherited disorders. With international experience from the UK and Germany, I've developed a profound understanding of global healthcare challenges. My work includes numerous publications in leading international journals and a notable patent, showcasing my commitment to advancing molecular medicine. At Gena HealthX, I'm passionately dedicated to driving innovation and excellence in healthcare through research and collaborations.

B. Suresh

MD & Head of Clinical Diagnostics

(M.Sc. Biochemistry)

With extensive experience in lab test diagnostics, I bring a wealth of knowledge to the team. Running my own diagnostic lab has equipped me with strong business development skills. I specialize in developing diagnostic panels for various disorders, aiming to provide accurate and advanced solutions. I'm dedicated to contributing to Gena HealthX's success and improving patient care through innovative diagnostics.

Dr. Hafiz Baig

Scientific Advisor

(Ph.D. Genomics)

Dr. Hafiz Baig, a distinguished scientists in Harvard Medical school, is making remarkable strides in the field of genomics. With a immense experience gained at the University of Geneva, Dr. Baig is an unparalleled expert in inherited disorders. His relentless passion for unravelling the complexities of our DNA fuels groundbreaking research and the development of targeted therapies. Witness the fusion of these prestigious institutions as Dr. Baig illuminates the path towards a better understanding and treatment of genetic disorders.


Operations Asst. Manager


I strongly manage overall safety and also responsible for the effective and successful management. I ensure all operations are carried on in an appropriate manner and help the organisation processes remain legally compliant.


Operations Associate


My ambition is to support the company's goals in operations and taking up new challenges and cooperating on operations analytics.


Nutrition Manager

(M.Sc. Food and Nutrition, 

Certified Sports Nutritionist)

Hii!! I am looking forward to providing you with quality and meaningful nutrition counselling. I’ve always had morals of eating foods that help me feel good and I believe that is a guiding principle of overall health. Many diseases can be prevented or managed simply by making healthy and appropriate food choices, but it can be really difficult to navigate alone, and many medical professionals are not experts in nutrition. That’s where the Dietitian comes in! And here I am, eager to meet you and partner with you to support you in this journey!



(M.Sc. Dietetics and Food Service Management,

Certified Sports Nutritionist)

Dietetics has been my passion. If you want to rediscover and improve your relationship with food while improving your health and body image, using science based practices and mindful eating then I can guide you through. You can learn the skill and knowledge of transforming your favourite meals into their healthier versions and nurture yourself with satisfying and energizing meals. Get positive with your life, your diet and your inner self and improve your overall health.



(M.Sc. Applied Nutrition)

My goal is to educate and expand your understanding by providing expert nutrition advice and dietary guidance. I will assist you in improving your nutritional well-being through necessary lifestyle modifications as well as behavioral changes to conquer your medical conditions. I have gained expertise in counselling patients with problems like diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, weight management, and cardiovascular diseases. I strongly believe that there is no better time than now to start living healthily with the right food choices. Looking forward to helping you on your journey towards healthy living.



(M.Sc. Nutrition)

I find a strong passion in helping people improve their relationship with food. My goal is to educate them, encourage and empower them and to make them learn how to fuel their body for life. Every body is different and everyone's nutritional needs are also different. What may be considered ‘healthy’ for one, can be unhealthy and even harmful for the other. I prefer the approach of personalized nutrition, and help them set and achieve sustainable goals.


Digital Marketing Manager

(M.Tech. Biotechnology)

Having experience in analytical R&D, I'm driven by data-driven insights to tackle challenges. My keen interest lies in the dynamic world of digital marketing, where creativity meets precision information for maximum impact. I have two years of experience in digital marketing. I'm now eager to apply my analytical prowess to digital marketing, making data-backed decisions and contributing to the success of marketing campaigns.


SEO Manager

(B.E Civil Engineering)

Hello, I bring over four years of expertise in the field of SEO (search engine optimization). My journey in the digital world has been shaped by a profound interest in harnessing the power of SEO to drive meaningful results. I am passionate about understanding and navigating the dynamic trends and algorithms that shape the digital world. My goal is to continuously explore the evolving tactics of SEO and stay at the forefront of this ever-changing field.