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Access precision insights, tracking, expert guidance, and cutting-edge technology in a single, easy-to-use platform. With access to doctor consultation services, unlimited clinical nutritionist consultations, and nutritionist-approved meals, you can monitor your nutrition intake and output seamlessly through our user-friendly app.

Achieve sustainable and long-lasting results with the help of measurable data, real-time insights, and professional coaching. With our app's comprehensive and advanced technology, you can trust that you are receiving accurate and personalized information that can help you make informed decisions about your health.

Gena HealthX

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DNA Predisposition Report

  • Access the most comprehensive genetic report available in India, covering Health, Nutrition, Fitness, Wellness, and Chronic Disease insights
  • Discover your risk of experiencing specific health issues with the help of a cutting-edge disease risk analyser that uses your DNA to provide accurate scores
  • Receive DNA health reports that analyse over 300 issues and conditions to help you better understand your genetic predispositions
  • Receive personalized, 30-minute interpretation from internationally certified genetic scientists from Germany
  • Avail easy-to-understand genetic counseling services to help you make informed decisions about your health
  • Get complete action plan on adapting your lifestyle, nutrition, and medicine to optimize your health based on your genetic results



Metabolic Marker Analysis and Tracking

  • DNA offers valuable insight, but it tells part of the story. Unlock a complete health picture with personalized biochemical markers analysis and tracking.
  • Store and access all your medical reports anytime, anywhere with our app's secure cloud network
  • Know if your levels of biochemical markers are low, normal, optimal, or high by uploading your lab report
  • Track your ‘Organs Health’ progress over time with our app's graphical representation of your biochemical markers.
  • Get personalized advice and track your markers visually to see positive changes over time
  • Log and track 100+ parameters including pulse, body measurements, BMI, blood pressure, blood sugar, HbA1C, serum creatinine and many more



Precision Diet Plans

  • Benefit from expert actionable guidance on chronic disease or preventive dietary management with unlimited consultation calls from our exceptional clinical nutritionists
  • Achieve optimal nutrition with comprehensive breakdowns of macro and micronutrients customized by our clinical nutritionists to fit your body's requirements
  • Receive a meal plan with recipes, ingredients and cooking instructions
  • Learn what vitamins, minerals and superfood your body needs most
  • Get personalized medicine and supplement recommendations tailored to your DNA



Complete Health Companion 

  • Healthy living is more than just counting calories. It's about feeling great, thriving, and living longer! For this you need Gena HelathX’s  ‘Total Health Tracker’
  • Set goals and track your progress with few clicks
  • Track the food and water you consume, and monitor your daily calorie expenditure
  • Set reminders for medicine and water intake
  • Get access to thousands of healthy recipes
  • Get all your health queries cleared by talking to experts
  • Live life to the fullest, with us by your side! Forever your health companion